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Est. Ret. Val: $129.99
Est.savings: 82%
BudgetPay 3 x $8 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $129.99
Est.savings: 85%
BudgetPay 2 x $10 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $119.99
Est.savings: 80%
BudgetPay 2 x $12 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $155.99
Est.savings: 75%
BudgetPay 3 x $13 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $149.99
Est.savings: 75%
BudgetPay 3 x $12.33 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $119.99
Est.savings: 80%
BudgetPay 2 x $12 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $49.99
Est.savings: 28%
BudgetPay 2 x $18 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $149.99
Est.savings: 80%
BudgetPay 3 x $10 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $89.99
Est.savings: 83%
BudgetPay 2 x $7.5 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $119.99
Est.savings: 86%
BudgetPay 2 x $8.5 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $359.99
Est.savings: 83%
BudgetPay 4 x $15 payments*

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Buy Hair Products online at Shop LC!

One of the most distinctive features of our personalities is our hair. At first, we happen to take a glance at a person’s hair without noticing it on purpose and since it is the hair that gives a certain character to the face, it plays an important role in our bodies. Hair is also a feature that makes us fall in love with other people and also with ourselves at times (just saying!). Besides, the outward benefits of having healthy hair, it is also a sign of well-being and self-care, and conduct. For all these reasons, you can’t afford to not have a proper hair care routine and not maintain your hair like they are one of the best things about you. Hair care is a discipline that needs to be followed diligently and it is of utmost importance that you are using the right hair care products. Shop LC brings a delightful range of hair products made to give your hair a dose of strength, shine, and texture. Try out our collection and make your hair happy! Shop now!

Healthier Hair with Shop LC’s Hair Products

Give your hair a refreshing change of good health with our range of nourishing hair care products. We create hair products using the healthiest ingredients so that your scalp feels fresh, healthy, and nourished. Each strand will feel smooth, silky, and strong when you include our products in your daily haircare regime. We ensure that any product that you prove to be magical for your tresses and improves the condition significantly. Every ingredient is naturally sourced and offers substantial benefit to your scalp and hair so that every hair flip looks as majestic as it gets. We have a wide range of hair care essentials that would make for your perfect, go-to kit for your everyday routine. Check out our collection now and order yourself some nourishing goodness! Shop now!

Haircare is a must-do these days. Giving that we venture out every day in pollution, dirt, and other substances that affect the health of our hair substantially, and who wants that? So, explore our collection of hair products and give your hair that much-needed care. Shop now!

So hair is sorted but what about your face? If you are looking to create some magic with your face then our makeup products are at your rescue. Explore our collection of makeup essentials and look like the beauty queen that you are!

We value your experience with us and so, we offer FREE SHIPPING to all our customers who have an order value of and above $50! Do not miss this offer and buy all your favorites! Shop now!

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