SANKOM is a Swiss Company headquartered in the Canton of Jura, specializing in the development and distribution of multifunctional and health-oriented clothing, shapewear, and undergarments.

    All SANKOM products are unique; created with the oversight of a medical doctor and are based on innovative utility and design patents developed in-house.

    • Swiss Technology – All SANKOM PATENT Products are designed and developed with attention and care in the heart of Switzerland.
    • Over 100 Patents – With over 30 years of R&D experience, SANKOM works on finding innovative health solutions.
    • Health & Beauty – Designed by a team of doctors and fashion designers, SANKOM brings you the best from both the health and beauty world.

    The SANKOM team spends an average of two years creating and refining every addition. Each product is thoroughly tested and approved by dozens of women of all shapes and sizes!

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