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Est. Ret. Val: $3,699.99
Est.savings: 89%
BudgetPay 5 x $80 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $2,999.99
Est.savings: 87%
BudgetPay 5 x $80 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $1,199.99
Est.savings: 79%
BudgetPay 5 x $50 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $10,029.99
Est.savings: 82%
BudgetPay 5 x $360 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $11,699.99
Est.savings: 79%
BudgetPay 5 x $500 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $2,899.99
Est.savings: 50%
BudgetPay 5 x $290 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $6,499.99
Est.savings: 77%
BudgetPay 5 x $300 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $5,699.99
Est.savings: 68%
BudgetPay 5 x $360 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $8,999.99
Est.savings: 78%
  • Was: $2,399.99
  • Save An Additional 17.0%
You Save an Extra: 17%
NOW: $1,999.99 Was: $2,399.99
BudgetPay 5 x $400 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $3,999.99
Est.savings: 75%
BudgetPay 5 x $200 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $6,999.99
Est.savings: 79%
BudgetPay 5 x $300 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $4,499.99
Est.savings: 78%
  • Was: $1,399.99
  • Save An Additional 29.0%
You Save an Extra: 29%
NOW: $999.99 Was: $1,399.99
BudgetPay 5 x $200 payments*

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Buy kunzite jewelry online at Shop LC

Welcome to the world of calming kunzites! A collection of fine jewelry pieces that are designed for women who seek nothing but pure grace and classiness. Kunzite jewelry designs are intricately designed with brilliant-cut shimmery purple-colored gemstones that are crafted with gold, white gold, silver, and sterling silver. The stunning purple kunzite gemstone is a piece of admiration and beauty. It has been an experimental gemstone for designers for the past several decades! And should it not be? The color is extremely soothing to the eyes, and the shimmery texture of this gemstone makes this gemstone a beauty of admiration. This gorgeous gem has been one of the most popular gemstones ever to exist. Our collection at Shop LC is beautified with our assortment of distinctively beautiful kunzite.

Kunzite earrings for the lovely ladies

Picture yourself in a lovely white cocktail dress and give a touch of an accessorizing bit with our perfectly splendid collection of kunzite earrings while you are at it! This spectacular collection goes an extra mile to give you the classiest and sophisticated kunzite earrings ranging from party wear kunzite earrings such as kunzite hoops, kunzite drop earrings and kunzite danglers. For the simplistic appeal and style, well, hoops are the most versatile wear and then we have kunzite studs to give a hint of elegance.

Kunzite rings for the special times

When you think it’s time to pop out the special question to your lady love, don’t hesitate to browse through our magnificent collection of kunzite rings and find the perfect piece to impress the love of your life. We are certain that these pieces are surely going to bring a smile on her face. Our solitaire-style rings are a masterpiece! They are designed for those once-in-a-lifetime kind of moments. Others in this assortment include multi-stone style where kunzite gemstones are studded in these rings. A simple ring with different motifs are also a part of these designs.

Kunzite bracelets to ornate your wrists

If you have seen the rings, what’s stopping you from shopping further? Discover the finest designs of kunzite bracelets for your wrist. Versatile designs that go with your office wear and casual wear. You can also style these delicate bracelets with other kunzite jewelry pieces and witness the finest jewelry set you have ever had.

Kunzite pendants and kunzite necklaces too? YES!

Well, how about you complete the entire set with different components of kunzite? Kunzite necklaces and kunzite pendants too. Apart from kunzite rings, kunzite earrings, and bracelets, this stunning collection defines beauty and sophistication.

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