Ravishing Rubellite Jewelry at Shop LC

    If you love expressing your deepest feelings passionately then rubellite is the stone for you. Widely regarded as a romantic stone, the gem is available in shades of deep cranberry red to fuchsia pink.

    Only red and pink tourmalines can be called rubellites. There are many instances of red and pink tourmalines displaying brownish tint when exposed to artificial light. True rubellites, it must be noted, shine with the same color and intensity at any time.

    Few gemstones can reveal your passion as rubellite. The fabulous gemstone has a riveting color that exudes desire and longing. Jewelry made of this fascinating stone carries a hypnotic effect that enchants effortlessly.

    However, what should not be forgotten is the fact that the best quality rubellite came from the Ouro Fino deposits of Minas Gerais. Nevertheless, Shop LC has acquired some of the old rough lots that are not readily available on the open market.

    We make available Ouro Fino rubellite jewelry in seductive designs. These gorgeous jewelry pieces will win you instant attention on all occasions. The pieces also make excellent gifts!

    Shop LC is Delivering joy to rubellite enthusiasts as it makes available a variety of innovatively designed Ouro Fino rubellite jewelry at everyday Low cost. Whether you’re someone who loves rings and earrings, or simply prefers necklaces, pendants, or bracelets you can buy them all at Shop LC, at prices you never thought possible.

    Available in sterling silver and yellow gold, the pieces complement both formal and casual looks. Browse through our collection and find the pieces you love the most.

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