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Est. Ret. Val: $129.99
Est.savings: 90%
  • Was: $19.99
  • Save An Additional 35.0%
You Save an Extra: 35%
$12.99 Was: $19.99
Est. Ret. Val: $139.99
Est.savings: 93%
  • Was: $14.99
  • Save An Additional 33.0%
You Save an Extra: 33%
$9.99 Was: $14.99
Est. Ret. Val: $399.99
Est.savings: 93%
  • Was: $37.99
  • Save An Additional 21.0%
You Save an Extra: 21%
$29.99 Was: $37.99
Est. Ret. Val: $299.99
Est.savings: 77%
3 x $23.33 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $449.99
Est.savings: 91%
5 x $8 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $209.99
Est.savings: 67%
3 x $23.33 payments*

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Buy handbags online at Shop LC

Women love shopping! And there is no doubt about the fact that women also love to dress up when they step out for a shopping spree. A lot of times while they choose to dress, there are components of dressing up which make it look all the more appealing and attractive. The right pair of shoes, the right handbags! Yes, making sure you pick the right accessory is very important. And therefore, Shop LC is all set to give you the best of this section. Don’t worry, we have hundreds of designs that will suit every occasion in every way!

Different styles of handbags

While thinking of picking one for you, a handbag can make you spoilt for choices. We have differently designed, varied sizes and almost every possibility of making a handbag worth your attention. Handbags for women will make you feel like you are all set to make lasting impressions with your styling options in the form of fashion accessories. One of the most popular handbag options, the shoulder bag comes in a range of materials, designs, and hues.There are different styles of tote bags, and they can come in many prints and colors. Some, like shopping totes, are similar to shoulder bags but they are often larger and roomier for shopping purposes.

Crossbody handbags

Crossbody bags are huge on the handbag scene because they make life easier. They allow you to have your hands free while you're on the go or have other items to carry. These bags got their name as they have a long strap that's designed to be worn across the body. Some women also perch this strap on their shoulder to enhance the high-fashion, thrown-together aspect of this accessory.

Purses as mini handbags!

Buying purses is a growing trend in today's fashion industry. More and more retailers are starting to offer designer-inspired handbags, which have similar style features or elements that can be practically identical to genuine branded bags at a fraction of the cost. When buying purses, keep in mind that there may be some differences in design and quality will be inferior to designer versions. These knockoff purses might not last quite as long as the designer versions, but they're a great alternative while you're saving up for the real thing!

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