Trendy and Unique Santa Fe Style Jewelry

    Update your collection with Santa Fe Style jewelry. Inspired by the Native American culture, we craft our jewelry from precious sterling silver to perfectly capture elements of Southwestern style. Jewelry lovers will delight in artistic pieces featuring bold gemstones such as turquoise, tiger’s eye, picture jasper, lapis lazuli, oyster shell, coral, black agate and more! Each design features the inspiration of the artisan who crafted it. Jewelry pieces are manufactured all over the globe, but the style is exclusively Southwestern.

    What Does Southwestern Jewelry Mean?

    Unique and eclectic, Santa Fe Style jewelry is emblematic of the American Southwest. A popular theme repeated throughout Santa Fe Style jewelry is a close bond to animals. Reflecting the importance Native Americans placed on their spiritual brothers, our jewelry represents this shared heritage.

    • Buffalo is associated with prophecy and fulfillment of prayers.

    • Bear signifies strength, healing, overcoming adversity, and guardianship.

    • Turtle stands for self-reliance, long life, perseverance, fertility, and truth.

    • Horse denotes power, spiritual knowledge, wisdom, communication, and freedom.

    • Dragonfly is associated with water, springtime, and communication.

    Some of the patterns used in the craftsmanship of Santa Fe Style jewelry are:

    • Clouds, Rain, and Lightning symbolize change, renewal and fertility.

    • The Morning Star is a sign of courage and purity of spirit.

    • The Sun is a giver of life, warmth, growth, and all that is good and well.

    • The Zia represents the Circle of Life.

    • Feathers denote prayers, ideas, and marks of honor.

    • Wolf Tracks and Bear Paws symbolize authority and leadership.

    • The Snake is used in healing and fertility rituals.

    • The Cross, or Naja, are used to portray high social status and beauty.

    Santa Fe Style Jewelry by Shop LC

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