Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewelry

Sleeping Beauty turquoise is no longer produced by the world-famous Sleeping Beauty Mine of Arizona. With limited supply, you’ll want to add this unique and pure sky-blue stone to your collection before it’s too late.

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Buy sleeping beauty turquoise jewelry online at Shop LC

When it comes to gemstone jewelry, Shop LC has been very promising in terms of offering glamorous fashion jewelry to its buyers. When we think of gemstones, all that we picture are colorful dazzling gemstones giving off that iridescence when viewed from different angles. Gemstone fashion jewelry has been popular for many reasons and it defines one’s distinctive fashion sense clearly. Gemstone jewelry items are also sported as good luck charms. Sapphire is a gemstone that induces loyalty and truthfulness. This dual reason of gemstones makes them a fashionable item as well as causing overall well-being. The Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona has given rise to one of the most popular forms of turquoise gemstone jewelry. Sleeping beauty turquoise jewelry has an exceptionally rare pale blue shade that is naturally vibrant. Explore our collection of sleeping beauty turquoise jewelry today!

Sleeping beauty turquoise earrings

The soothing blue color of this gemstone is perceived to have calming effects in your life which are associated with harmony and serenity. This collection of sleeping beauty turquoise earrings consists of gorgeous drop earrings, studs, hoops, etc. These blue-colored gemstones are studded on these earrings to create an exceptionally chic vibe.

Sleeping beauty turquoise necklace

What you wear and the way in which you pull it off, whether it suits your personality or anything around, really sets the tone of your outfit and appearance. We all know looking good makes us feel good. The simple reason being, we get associated with our outfits, accessories, and look. These sleeping beauty turquoise necklaces are not just heavily designed and with fine turquoise embellishing; these necklaces speak for themselves with sophistication and a whole lot of elegance. These stunning sleeping beauty turquoise necklaces are cut out into delicate designs. With their dazzling charm, these necklaces are artistic and very trendy.

Sleeping beauty turquoise bracelets

If you are thinking of an ideal birthday present for your special one, then we have something special for our lovely customers! Our collection of sleeping beauty turquoise bracelets are here to save you the hassle of looking for the perfect gift! This collection of bracelets consists of several other styles of fashionable bracelets. Fashion jewelry has always been about creating a style statement for others to witness. Gorgeous sleeping beauty turquoise bracelets are one of the trendiest discovery of the fashion world, which is beautifully pulled off by both men and women. Several tanzanite stones are embellished along a string where the tanzanite stones sparkle like stars to ornate your wrist gorgeously!

Sleeping beauty turquoise pendants

These sparkling garnet gemstones create a soothing appearance and give a spark of sophistication to your look! Give a pop of blue to your outfit with these turquoise pendants. Precious sleeping beauty turquoise gemstones are studded in various shapes and sizes. They also feature large drop-shaped, heart-shaped, central stone, which is sure to look amazing with every style of your outfit!

Happy shopping buyers!

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