Shop LC Offers Home Accents Collection

    Smarten your dwelling with attractive home decor accessories offered by Shop LC. Assorted, genuine and universally-sourced, our artisan items, such as table clocks, vases, wine bottle holders, frames, candle holders, trays, decorative flowers, fountains and more quickly adds a modern touch to your decor.

    Add a dose of oomph to your poolside by hanging stylish lanterns at the corners. Or add throw blankets near to your sofa for an extra invitation to relax. For a globally inspired appearance, place a handcrafted horse, elephant or parrot on your coffee table. Create a serene tone with an angel statue or add dramatic flair with a Santa Fe Style figurine. Our unique home decor accents are forever pieces that you’ll cherish for years to come.

    Keep on time with vintage style table clocks in your living room or office desk. And a classic frame is sufficient to bring a stylish touch to your decor. Personalize your living room by keeping cute pillows on sofas and relaxing chairs.

    Add romance to a lovely dinner by lighting candles standing beautifully in candle holders. Or bring the freshness of flowers all day long to your home with decorative flowers standing elegantly in a ceramic vase. A tiger wine holder can offer a dramatic makeover to the mood of the party. Travel through our collection of home decor accents and give your home the perfect ambiance and look.

    Shop LC offers an assortment of decorative accessories. From lightning to furnishings you can discover unique home decor accents to embellish your beautiful home.

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