Standout in Style with Shop LC’s Bali Legacy Jewelry

    The meticulous presentation of Balinese craftsmanship, passed down for generations, prominently contributes to the success that its jewelry industry enjoys today.

    The conventional jewelry themes of the Bali Legacy collection share direct links with the elegant courtly costume of Majapahit kingdom. With the passage of time, as Islamic and Arab influences became prominent and replaced Hindu-Buddhist motifs, the Majapahit traditions underwent transformation to a great extent. The impact of Persian and Indo-Saracen India, Chinese and European art on this jewelry form cannot be ruled out either.

    Bali Legacy jewelry is renowned for following old designs and using traditional themes such floral motifs, barongs, and the lotus. It also uses conventional techniques like granulation, filigree, and carving.

    This jewelry form is a glowing tribute to an era and civilization long gone but preserved in these traditions. Each jewelry piece, whether rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, or bracelets evokes a nostalgic appeal. Blended with contemporary flair, the pieces win over even the most demanding of collectors who have a keen sense of Balinese history and tradition.

    Shop LC feels privileged to bring its customers a jewelry form that brings together art and tradition. Delightful and enticing, every jewelry piece of this exclusive range packs a refreshing quality that breathes life.

    Browse our Bali Legacy collection and choose a piece accented by your favorite gemstone and in a design that attracts you the most. With everyday low prices, take your pick and enjoy an exclusive presence that will be difficult to miss!

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