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Anti- Aging and Non- Invasive Tools
Introducing Lumina NRG, where innovation meets skincare. As a pioneer brand in non-invasive anti-aging solutions, Lumina NRG presents an array of facial and body tools crafted by experts. All the innovative beauty devices transform your skincare regimen into an experience, marrying convenience with efficacy.

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Why Lumina NRG is Your Go-To Skin Rejuvenation Brand?

Home Spa Revolutionized: Lumina NRG seamlessly transitions luxury spa treatments to your personal space. Now, world-class facial rejuvenation isn't confined to the walls of elite spas.
Versatile Skincare Technologies: These tools integrate a spectrum of advanced technologies, from micro-current therapy and LED light therapy to ultrasonic vibration and the contrasting allure of hot and cold therapy.
Endorsed by Experts: Lumina NRG isn't just about innovative devices and credible, effective solutions. With the backing of medical science, NASA research, and endorsements from leading board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons, our credibility speaks volumes.
Safety & Superiority Ensured: Lumina NRG's devices stand out, thanks to our FDA-cleared, patented, unique technology, underlining our commitment to quality and safety.

Unveiling Our Exclusive Premium Product Range

Lumina NRG believes in delivering the best of beauty and skincare technology to everyone at home. The brand has an exclusive lineup, curated meticulously to cater to your every need.

1. Signature Devices – The Pinnacle of Skincare Technology

  • Facial and Body Tools: This range forms the core of our product line, meticulously crafted for a holistic skincare transformation. They are your companions on the journey to flawless skin. These include Lumina NRG Hot and Color Facial infuser-Facial toning device and Lumina NRG Ro lift with 4 diamond rollers, LED light, Microcurrent, and RF technology.
  • LUMINA NRG Devices: This range offers targeted treatments if you're seeking specialized solutions for concerns. Delve deep into the realm of advanced skincare with LUMINA NRG. This includes Lumina NRG FDA Cleared dual-headed EMS and LED Facial toning device and Lumina NRG Blackhead Remover with camera,

2. Eyes – Mirrors to Your Inner Beauty

  • Lumina NRG Eye Lift: A revolutionary tool designed to rejuvenate the sensitive area around your eyes, restoring youthfulness.
  • Lumina NRG Mini Glow Pro Multi-Function Eye, Face, and Neck Tool with gel primer: A multi-functional expertise that caters to all your under-eye needs.
  • Lumina NRG 3 in-1 Eye massage wand: Precision-targeted devices to smooth out wrinkles, reduce puffiness, and brighten the eyes.

3. Body Transformation Range – Sculpt, Tone, and Revitalize

  • Lumina NRG EMS AB Belt Training and Toning Device: Crafted for the perfectly sculpted body, it works on toning and firming your silhouette.
  • Lumina NRG Fat Iron Body Toning Device with hydrating gel primer and Lumina NRG Fat Iron Pro at-home slimming and skin tightening device: Home-based solutions to trim away those extra inches and cellulite, revealing a slimmer, more contoured you.
  • Fat Reduction Machine At Home: No need for professional appointments; get salon-like results within the comfort of your home.
  • Fat Iron Cellulite Reducing & Body Toning Device: Target cellulite and tone up with this versatile tool.
  • Fat Burning Iron: Revolutionize your body contouring journey with targeted fat reduction.
  • 5. Special Features – Elevate Your Skincare Game:
  • At-Home Facelift Device & Face Firming Device: Get professional facelift results without invasive procedures right from your home.
  • Lumina NRG Eye Lift Before and After Gallery: Witness the transformative power of our products through real-life testimonials.

Invest in yourself with the premium range, and watch the magic unfold. Welcome to the future of beauty and skincare with Lumina NRG non-invasive beauty devices.
With Lumina NRG, expect more than just tools – expect transformations. Rediscover your skin's youthful glow and redefine age on your terms. Dive into the future of skincare with Lumina NRG today!