Shop LC Collection of Brazilian Citrine Jewelry

    To give that extra flair of glamor with bright and sunny hues, Brazilian citrine comes to the rescue. Shop LC brings this luscious gemstone from the Rio Grande do Sul, home to some of the best quality citrine in the world. Fall in love with the warm, bright golden honey dipped tones of this fantastic gem.

    The most reasonable priced among all other earthy hued stones, citrine, is named after the French word 'citron' meaning 'lemon.' And it would be perfect to say, when life gives you a lemon stone, make citrine jewelry! A November birthstone, it is also an excellent choice for the 13th wedding anniversary. Also, Brazilian citrine jewelry is a tremendous playful selection for any gifting occasion.

    No matter the season or reason, a pair of Brazilian citrine earrings or ring is perfect to add some glow to your personality. Or you can capture the romantic glow of a sunset in an outstanding Brazilian citrine pendant. Have the delight to cover your wrist in a row of glistening yellow, with a gorgeous Brazilian citrine bracelet. Whether set in sterling silver or yellow gold, it will lend a luxurious and royal look.

    Treasured for its entertaining metaphysical properties, this gemstone has cherished and loved since ancient times. Explore the results that this yellow gemstone provides in the remarkable designs of silver and gold Brazilian citrine jewelry.

    Set your fashion to "fiery sun" or tantalizing "evening romance" and choose Shop LC today!

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