Dazzling Brazilian Goshenite Jewelry Collection

Discover the allure of Brazilian goshenite jewelry at Shop LC. The clarity of these colorless beryl gemstones make for jewelry settings with unparalleled sparkle. Each oh-so-chic piece in our selection is designed to elevate the sophistication of your style. Find everything you want or need in our goshenite collection: from Brazilian goshenite earrings and rings to bracelets and necklaces.


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Purity and Radiance

Pure as fresh water—goshenite is an extraordinary gemstone that captures the surrounding light for an amazing glow. Goshenite is the epitome of colorless purity in the beryl family, including aquamarine and emerald.

Goshenite rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can add a touch of effortless class even to the simplest of looks.

Our goshenite collection highlights the gemstone's clear beauty, showcasing a sparkle that rivals that of more expensive gems.

Excellent Choice for Any Style

Charmingly minimalist, goshenite reflects light in a brilliant way.

This collection caters to all types of wardrobes and settings, with clear goshenite gems beautifully set using sterling silver. Whether you wear dainty dresses or have more of a laidback jeans-and-T-shirt style, these goshenite gems will suit you perfectly.

Affordability and Assurance

Our Lowest Price Guarantee lets you enjoy the exquisite beauty of goshenite at the best prices! Add the timeless elegance of goshenite to your collection with Shop LC, where purity meets affordability.