Add a finishing touch to any outfit with stunning cocktail rings from Shop LC. Browse through our wide range of rings encrusted with colorful and sparkling gemstones and find something exclusive for you. Cocktail fashion rings are a perfect escape for those in search of class and sophistication, so find yours today.

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BudgetPay 5 x $299 payments*

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Glamorous Cocktail Rings by Shop LC

Bold and expressive, cocktail rings are perfect to steal any show. Every woman knows that these enchanting beauties are a fashion-forward way to add personality to any outfit and to show off those flawlessly nails! Shop LC brings an extensive selection of outstanding cocktail fashion rings in the latest designs and styles.

What Are Cocktail Rings?

Cocktail rings are oversized rings with a large stone in the center, surrounded by smaller diamonds or colored stones. The sparkling gemstone at the center of the ring draws attention, while the tiny stones offer a subtle shimmer. Sometimes confused with cluster rings, these rings are usually worn alone as a statement jewelry piece.

History of Cocktail Rings

The fashion of cocktail rings began in the United States during the Prohibition Era of the 1920s. These rings were designed for women attending cocktail parties. At these illegal anti-Prohibition parties, women drank while flaunting their extravagant and bold rings. At that time, precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, diamonds, and sapphires were used as the center stone, with tiny pave set diamonds surrounding them. Thus, the term ‘cocktail ring’ emerged and quickly became a symbol of beauty and excess that fit right in line with the spirit of the times!

Stunning Cocktail Rings for You

Designed to make a bold statement, a cocktail ring adds that missing sparkle to a simple dress as well as complementing a fashionable outfit. At Shop LC, we offer a vast selection of cocktail gemstone rings in a variety of settings such as graceful white gold, luxurious yellow gold, sophisticated rose gold or shimmering sterling silver. With all these options, we are sure that you’ll find that perfect piece to make you and your loved one feel special.

So, what are you waiting for? With an amazing line-up of jewelry pieces, it’s easy to add that finishing touch.

Browse our collection at Shop LC, and we’re sure that you’ll find a piece from the range that will perfectly match your style!

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