Everyone loves a crossbody handbag. It's the essential style for today's woman on the move. Whether you're darting to catch a cab or shopping around town, a crossbody offer hands-free convenience in a chic profile. Shop LC brings a variety of crossbody handbags for women that match perfectly with your ensemble.


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    A crossbody bag is an absolute must-have accessory, especially for semi-casual events like an understated lunch date or a house party. You'll usually get one in a size straddling small and medium, with a front clasped flap as the predominant feature. In some cases, the flap does not come with a clasp or a locking mechanism, and there's a zipper inside to secure your belongings while the flap is folded close.

    Crossbody bags with style and function

    Crossbody bags naturally made the move to the fashion industry thanks to the support of brand Globe Both designers and consumers love a fashion accessory that provides them with more usability and of course comfort. A crossbody bag is very comfortable as the strap distributes weight between the shoulder and back. The crossbody bag’s hands free advantage and the size of the bags provide people with more functionality, making them perfect for everyday use. These features helped the crossbody bag become a prominent part of the handbag market.

    Different styles of crossbody bags

    There are several kinds of designs such as traditional black crossbody bags and contemporary modish crossbody bags which make an iconic style of handbags in the market. Leather crossbody bags are usually considered to be a casual and everyday bag made with either waterproof materials or plain leather. Our crossbody bags are made with springbok hair-on-hide; the high quality materials used make them luxurious and therefore suitable for both glamorous occasions and everyday use, demonstrating their versatility. Large crossbody bags are also a very popular kind of accessory that is high on demand and is all set to gain everyone’s attention with its bold prints and graphics. If you are into classic solids and plain-patterned textures, then we have a lot to offer!

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