What is Fluorite?

    Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride. Formerly called fluorspar by early miners the modern name fluorite comes from the Latin "fluo" meaning to flow. The gem was named so because it was commonly used as a flux in the smelting of metals.

    Fluorite glows when heated or under ultraviolet light. The phenomenon of fluorescence was named after fluorite in 1852 because of this gemstone's ability to fluoresce. Discover fluorite’s meaning and healing properties with Shop LC’s Education Center.

    Varieties of Fluorite

    Next to quartz, mineral collectors often refer to fluorite as "the most colorful mineral in the world." The gem is available in almost every color of the spectrum, some of the popular ones are:

    • Purple Fluorite: Purple is the classic fluorite color that easily finds itself next to amethyst in the pantheon of purple gems. The gem offers a lovely purple with specks of red, in general, bridging the gap between amethyst and purple garnet when it comes to hue.

    • Color-Change Fluorite: A striking gemstone that offers vivid shades of blue turquoise or blue-lavender when viewed under different light sources or from different angles.

    • Canary Yellow Fluorite: With its upbeat citrus palette, the canary yellow fluorite gemstone reveals an array of happy colors fitting for both spring and fall fashion. This is one of the rarer varieties of fluorite.

    • Belgian Teal Fluorite: Teal fluorite displays a beautiful range of deep green and blue hues that is perfect for making elegant and stunning jewelry.

    • Mint Green Fluorite: Mint green fluorite is a healing gemstone available in a soothing light green. This fresh feeling gem is colored by chromium deposits in the stone.

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