Dazzling Garnet Bracelets by Shop LC

    When it comes to style, beautiful and sparkling garnet bracelets are a perfect choice. They not only add a little bling to the wrist, but also embellish the appearance of the wearer. That's why Shop LC brings an extensive selection of dazzling bracelets with garnet gemstones, just for you. So, whether you're searching for a fascinating piece to display your offbeat opulence or something to match your office looks, we have it all.

    Are garnet bracelets good?

    In early Egyptian and Roman times, garnet jewelry was worn by nobility and clergy as the gemstone was associated with wealth, success, and prosperity. Today, this amazing gemstone is related to success, love and recognition. So, if you are want to add a lustrous appeal and irresistible allure to your outfits, then garnet bracelets from Shop LC are a perfect choice. No matter if you love classic chic design or contemporary styles, you'll find beautiful garnet bracelet online that will become your fashion statement.

    Garnet is a January birthstone, and the beauty of red garnet bracelet makes it a perfect gift for your January born friend or loved one. At Shop LC, our wide range of bracelets include garnet stone in a variety of settings such as precious yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and sterling silver. So why are you waiting? Discover and find the right jewelry piece to enhance your style and complete your appearance.

    Colorful garnet bracelets

    Shop LC's impressive selection of stunning bracelets for sale includes garnet gemstones in a variety of colors that will spruce up your fashion quotient. Our collection of bracelets include:

     Demantoid Garnet: This dazzling gem is popular for its refreshing green hues.

     Anthill Garnet: A surprise from Mother Nature, this gem is prized for its deep red hues.

     Tsavorite Garnet: Also known as “the king of garnets,” this gem displays spring-green to deep forest-green tones.

     Madagascar Color Change Garnet: This unique gem exhibits color change between brown, purple, orange and red.

     Mahenge Umbalite Garnet: This enchanting gem displays color in a range of purplish-pink to purple and orange-pink.

     Merelani Color Change Garnet: This sparkling gem exhibits a color transition from warm champagne to a deep wine.

     Brazilian Mint Garnet: The refreshing green hues of this gem will make anyone fall in love.

     Mozambique Garnet: The wine-red brilliance makes this gem a prized possession.

     Orissa Rhodolite Garnet: The rosy red color gives this gem a desirable and fashionable tone.

     Purple Garnet: This purple brilliance of this gem makes it a tasty addition to any collection.

     Ratnapura Hessonite Garnet: The gem is cherished for its burnt orange hues.

     Spessartite Garnet: The gem radiates bright orange brilliance to capture attention.

    Is a garnet bracelet expensive?

    At Shop LC, we have a comprehensive range of designer bracelets, embellished with garnet gemstones, backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee. We ensure that you'll always pay the lowest price. So, why are you waiting? Browse through our beautiful selection of garnet bracelets to get a beautiful piece that you'll cherish for years to come.

    Do you want to save even more? Check the online auction for garnet bracelet and name your own price! Bidding starts at just $1.

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