How much is a garnet necklace worth?

    Garnets have a rich history. Since ancient times the stone was valued for its beauty and was a part of royal jewelry. From Egyptians to Greeks, every civilization was spellbound with the charismatic aura of the stone.

    Currently, garnet is the modern birthstone for the month of January. Abundant in nature, garnet is a budget friendly choice for an outstanding jewelry. Garnets were known for their traditional red color, while today you can enjoy their beauty in an array of colors.

    Searching a January birthday gift? A second wedding anniversary present? Or, just because it's stunning, every answer leads you to attractive garnet jewelry!

    How do I wear a garnet necklace?

    A refined garnet drop necklace complements your work wardrobe by day and your favorite cocktail dress by night. The wine-red radiance of a garnet in a station necklace introduces an interesting factor to your white business blouse. For casual evening looks, a floral garnet necklace adds a passionate flame.

    Garnet beads create a pretty velvety-red necklace. An enjoyable accessory, your beaded garnet necklace will dress up formal clothing or offer a designer pop of color to a sophisticated neutral suit.

    With an elegant yet playful appearance, a garnet bib necklace on a sterling silver or a gold chain, is a perfect accessory that will make you feel like a princess.

    Where do I buy a garnet necklace?

    Shop LC provides exceptional bargains backed with the Lowest Price Guarantee for exceptional garnet jewelry. Dressed up in precious metals like sterling silver, rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, uncover the range of garnet gemstones in our collection.

    Rhodolite, Hessonite, Mozambique, Indian, Mint, Demantoid, Anthill, Tsavorite, Color Change, Umbalite, Purple, Spessartite are few of the exceptional varieties to look for. Styles, from cross, multi strand, drop, tennis, princess, bib are excellent choices to for someone who loves to play with fashion.

    Online Auctions is a great way to hunt for your favorites. Starting at just $1, there is no reserve. Name your own price as you bid.

    Our selection teams up cheap prices with affordable quality for an excellent buy!

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