Did you know that garnet is the official January birthstone? There are birthstones for each month, and this delightful jewel is best known for its red color. However, garnet also occurs in hues like green, orange, and purple. Varieties include almandine, pyrope, demantoid, and spessartine, to name a few.

    It’s an ancient stone considered to be holy in Hindu and Buddhist tradition. Even today, people associate this vibrant stone with health, hope, and memory. Wearing garnet jewelry is a great way to celebrate your January birthday!

    Many people think wearing your birthstone brings luck and choosing from the selection of January birthstone rings is a great way to show off this tradition. Its versatility means there is an option for you, no matter your style. A garnet solitaire ring is perfect for showcasing your classic style, while choosing a garnet halo ring is a great way to make this stone a contemporary treasure.

    January birthstone necklaces are a perfect gift, and pair well with this gem’s reputation for memory, as no one will forget how your gift makes them feel. Consider a garnet pendant necklace for a simple memento loved each time it is worn. Or, consider a garnet bead necklace to embrace this rising trend.

    Ultimately, it’s up to you! Garnet is a hardy stone and a must-have for any collection, so be sure to secure your garnet jewelry today!

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