Did you know there are birthstones for each month? Garnet is the modern January birthstone. Garnet jewelry symbolizes health, hope, and memory.

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January Birthstone Jewelry by Shop LC

Are you planning to buy her a gift as unique as she is? This includes treating yourself, too! If your answer is "yes," then go for beautiful birthstone jewelry to add a unique and personal element to your jewelry selection. There are different birthstones for each month. If January is your birthday month, then browse Shop LC's January birthstone jewelry collection.

The month of January enjoys an impressive birthstone, Garnet. The beautiful gemstone is known to invoke the inner flame in a wearer, augmenting their senses with its colorful charisma. Available in a range of colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, purple, and pink, garnets with a red tone are the most common and prized.

January Birthstone Jewelry Meaning

The sparkling January birthstone is admired for its vibrant color and beauty. The beautiful gemstone is believed to hold healing powers and bestow happiness and prosperity to the wearer. The gemstone is said to create a powerful protective shield. A popular jewelry choice for you or as a gift for mom, a new baby or a friend with a January birthday, this inspiring gem symbolizes accomplishment and victory.

The fantastic range of colors, crystal structure, and vigor make garnet an attractive possession. The vibrant, fiery red shade of the gemstone makes it an ideal choice for any jewelry style or design. Its bright hues perfectly complement yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or sterling silver settings. Garnet also pairs well with other gorgeous gemstones including diamond, emerald, sapphire, pearl and more. And the best part? The hardness of this sparkling gemstone ensures that it will last for generations to come.

Shop LC’s impressive selection of January birthstone jewelry includes garnet in a variety of colors that will spruce up your fashion quotient. Our collection includes:

Demantoid Garnet: This stunning gem is prized for it refreshing green hues.

Anthill Garnet: Popular for its deep red hues, this gemstone considered as a surprise from Mother Nature.

Tsavorite Garnet: Popularly known as “the king of garnets,” the color of this garnet ranges from spring-green to deep forest-green tone.

Madagascar Color Change Garnet: This dazzling gemstone exhibits color change between brown, purple, orange and red.

Mahenge Umbalite Garnet: This beautiful gemstone displays color in a range of purplish-pink to purple and orange-pink.

Merelani Color Change Garnet: This impressive gem exhibits a color transition from warm champagne to a deep wine.

Mint Garnet: The gemstone is recognized for its refreshing green hues.

Mozambique Garnet: The wine-red brilliance of this gem makes it a prized possession.

Orissa Rhodolite Garnet: This beautiful gemstone is popular for its rosy red color.

Purple Garnet: The purple brilliance of this gem makes it a perfect addition to any collection.

Ratnapura Hessonite Garnet: The burnt orange hues of this gem makes you fall in love.

Viceroy Spessartite Garnet: With bright orange brilliance, this gemstone is perfect to capture the attention.

Stunning Garnet Jewelry for You!

Add a new piece of jewelry to your collection with the sparkling yet simple appeal of garnet. From contemporary rings and earrings to timeless vintage-inspired necklaces and bracelets, this colorful gem adds a dazzling touch to every piece. So, shop for your favorite January birthstone jewelry and enjoy its colorful and sparkling brilliance for years to come.

Browse our vast selection and pick January birthstone rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more at a price that won’t bust your budget.

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