Of all the monthly birthstones, ruby is one of the most coveted, and it’s easy to see why. This July gemstone has long been considered one of the most precious gems, and fine examples like Burmese Ruby can capture high prices in today’s market.

    For centuries ruby has been one of the premiere July birthstones. Before the modern birthstone list, ruby was recognized in several Eastern European and Russian traditions. We can attribute the lasting popularity to its beautiful color, of course, but also to the notions of passion, life, and love which it represents.

    Wearing ruby rings is perhaps the most popular way of wearing this smoldering jewel. A naturally hardy stone, it’s easy to amass a collection of July birthstone rings. A classic solitaire is a great way to start your own collection. It’s a great way to add a spot of color when worn alone or stack them for a bolder look.

    For a more elegant look, consider a luxurious red ruby necklace. One of the most classic options is a traditional line necklace. But, when you add a contemporary ‘Y’ drop, you have a piece that feels modern, trendy, and cool. Few stones help capture the essence of romance in the way that a red ruby necklace is capable.

    For these reasons and more, make ruby your July gemstone, today! Explore the full range of elegant ruby jewelry found at Shop LC and create your own lasting memories.

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