Elevate your ensembles from casual to glamorous with stunning lever back earrings from Shop LC. Whether you adore drop, dangle or hoop style, each pair of our lever back earring offers the perfect amount of dangle and dazzle to bring poise and elegance to your look. Browse and find your favorite from our wide selection!


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    Think of a type of jewelry piece that is both highly functional and beautiful to look at. Was it too difficult to guess? Let us do that for you in a giffy. We are speaking of lever back earrings. The type of earrings which are not just beautifully designed but also serve a purpose beyond its appearance. Earrings have always been considered to be a fundamental part of jewelry collection since the beginning of time. Since earring designs come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, selecting a particular earring style that is right for your face type is very important.

    Leverback earrings are all about comfort!

    Leverback earrings are designed with a lever backing in curved earrings. The mechanism works through a little spring and a hinge which snaps right back to its place in order to clasp the earring firmly on the earlobe. All of this happens very effortlessly due to which the leverback earring closure is super easy and convenient. For people with sensitive skin, there’s plenty of room for the skin to breathe with this kind of closure.

    Designer leverback earrings at Shop LC

    Our collection of leverback earrings features different precious metals and gemstones arranged in a myriad of styles. It could be a wedding or a special occasion like a baby shower, you would wish to look your best and we have everything ready for you. Leverback diamond earrings, gold leverback earrings and the most popular kinds of top-quality earrings in platinum, gold, and silver.

    Shopping for leverback earrings at Shop LC is going to be super exciting. If it is a celebratory gift or a new addition to your jewelry collection, selecting a pair of these will be turned into an optimized shopping experience at the comfort of your house.

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