Shop LC’s Peacock Quartz Jewelry is Colorful and Alluring

    Named after the Indian peacock, peacock quartz owes its popularity to its blue-green hues that gleam in the light. Moreover, its color alternates between blue, green, and the hues in-between as you rotate the gemstone. This phenomenon makes this fabulous stone all the more alluring. From everyday wear to pieces worthy of special occasions, peacock quartz jewelry wins you attention wherever you go.

    What Makes Peacock Quartz So Appealing?

    • Peacock quartz displays an array of colors: The gemstone’s color shifts between blue and green and hues in between whenever the gemstone rotates. This delightful play of color gives the gemstone a bewitching appeal, making it highly sought after.
    • Faceted and polished peacock quartz gemstone possesses a vitreous luster: An assembled gemstone, peacock quartz is made of high quality naturally occurring rock crystal quartz that is free of color and inclusions. The triplet process imparts a vivid layer of color between a base and cap of quartz crystal.
    • It is very rare to find naturally occurring gemstones of this color: There is hardly any natural gemstone that can replicate the color and allure of peacock quartz. This makes it an exclusive gemstone you won’t find elsewhere.

    Where Can You Wear Peacock Quartz Jewelry?

    Practically everywhere! If you want jewelry that is both fashionable and fun then peacock quartz jewelry is for you. The stone’s colorful hues complement all moods and settings. So, whether it is a high profile board meeting or casual get together, you can bank on this gorgeous gemstone jewelry to set the tone for you.

    Get Peacock Quartz Jewelry at Shop LC

    Shop LC offers a variety of peacock quartz jewelry at everyday low price. Whether you like rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, or bracelets, you can buy them all in a variety of attractive designs and settings.

    • Yellow Gold: With its naturally warm hues and beautiful luster, yellow gold gives peacock quartz jewelry a posh and polished look. It also brings a touch of majesty to this alluring gemstone.
    • Rose Gold: The attractive setting of rose gold lends romantic appeal and gels perfectly with peacock quartz jewelry. Moreover, its subtle charm complements perfectly with the gemstone giving the wearer a delicate, feminine look.
    • Sterling Silver or White Gold: These have emerged as elegant and affordable metal choices. Their stylish and sleek metallic sheen gives peacock quartz jewelry a perfect finishing touch and flawless presence.
    • Stainless Steel: Strong and cost-effective stainless steel is preferred by those who want a durable setting that can stand up to everyday wear and tear. So, whether you want to wear your peacock quartz jewelry everyday or flaunt it on special occasions. With a stainless steel setting you will have no hassles.

    Browse through the pieces on offer and go for those you like most.

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