Star Sapphire Jewelry Collection at Shop LC

    Just a step behind diamonds when it comes to their hardness, sapphire is commonly appreciated for its extremely beautiful and rich blue hue.

    Shop LC offers a stunning collection of jewelry laced with this beautiful gemstone, star blue sapphire. This heavenly stone included with a star effect, is perfect to add extra sparkle to your appearance. If you're looking for something exceptional to enhance your jewelry treasure trove, this rare variety makes a great choice.

    Searching for perfect jewelry that complements your formal wear is very complicated. But it's easy with discriminating star sapphire jewelry. Consider a necklace, its amazing design, and the color essence makes it an impeccable choice when you're getting late for the office. Choose a piece fashioned in gold or silver, which pair perfectly with your earrings.

    Not only are they seamlessly exceptional for formal occasions, but they're also graceful when worn with a work outfit. Pick a pair of lever back earrings embedded with star sapphire and let them flow with each moment. Wearing them with a white blouse will let their color pop in a pleasing way.

    Looking for a thoughtful gift for someone born in September? A ring from the Bali Legacy Collection is an ideal choice! Whether you share your birthday with this month or not, you can surely have a piece of jewelry decorated with this stunning gemstone in your wardrobe. A sapphire necklace, ring, earring or pendant makes a great gift choice for anyone who adores blue!

    When you want to add this stone to your treasure trove, make sure you shop at Shop LC for the finest selection.