Occasions for Pink Sapphire Bracelets:

    Although more preferred for daytime events, pink sapphires lend well to any attire and occasion effortlessly. The subtle femininity of this color is synonymous with a dreamy softness and heavenly elegance. Here’s a few ways you can style your look with pink sapphire bracelets.

    • For Work: You can coordinate formal hues like neutrals, navy blue and classic black and white with a pink sapphire bracelet in sterling silver or white gold. These metals complements the hue and sparkle of the gem with a subtle allure that best suits workplace settings.
    • For Casual Chic Attire: Dressing up for lunch at your favorite restaurant or an art gallery opening can be done in a jiffy with the endearing beauty of this pink gem. Pair your crispy whites, refreshing mint greens and perky peaches with compelling pink sapphire bangle bracelets.
    • Evening events like a dinner date call for the romance of a delicate pink sapphire tennis bracelet set in rose gold.
    • For Formal occasions: Nothing spells glamour and richness like yellow gold. Flaunt a remarkable allure and grab the spotlight with yellow gold pink sapphire bracelet on your wrist.

    Are Pink Sapphire bracelets worth it?

    Pink sapphire is one of the rarest variety of sapphire. Belonging to the corundum family, the gem is said to achieve its color through deposits of chromium. Being a popular and an affordable alternative to pink diamonds, the gem’s value is rising every day. If you are fond of the elegant charm offered by the pink color then pink sapphire bracelets are a must-have.

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