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    What Makes Pink Sapphire So Popular?

    Fascinating Color: Pink sapphire comes in subtle pink to strong magenta. The purplish-red hue with lighter tone makes it one of the most sought-after gemstones. It is the depth of color that determines the value of pink sapphire. The gemstone has emerged as a popular and affordable alternative to pink diamond.

    Pink is the rarest color of the sapphire and is found only at a few places around the world. It is believed to represent romance and feminine charm. Its excellent color and symbolism make pink sapphire perfect for bridal jewelry. It is considered as valuable as diamond by jewelry enthusiasts.

    Pink gels with almost all other tones with a small exception of certain bright oranges and reds. Pink sapphire complement all outfits from jeans to business suits. It also go well with light green, blue, white, and light pink apparel.

    Gift of Love and Romance: Throughout the history pink sapphire has been considered the symbol of love. It is also believed to represent trust and loyalty. Perhaps it is for this very reason that it is fast becoming popular for engagement ring toppling such popular choice like the diamond. Pink sapphire is also an ideal gift for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries and is a very worthy substitute for the traditional blue sapphire.

    Pink sapphire is loaded with the dazzling spark of romance and gives you a wonderful opportunity to reveal your deepest feelings in style. Be it hoop, lever back, dangle or stud, you will never go wrong with pink sapphire earrings in the matter of the heart.

    Enduring Legacy: The earliest accounts of sapphire date back to Ancient Rome. It was during this time that sapphire engagement rings were given by the bridegrooms as tokens of their loyal intentions. In medieval Europe, sapphires were popular as talismans. In India, it was believed that sapphire, when mixed with water, can cure scorpion bites. In Asian lore the gemstone is sometimes compared to the sacred lotus that represents purity, wisdom, and beauty.

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