Strontium Titanate Jewelry

Shine bright like a strontium titanate diamond simulant! This gem sparkles brighter than most diamonds and has very similar luster and brilliance. Don’t miss out on Shop LC’s vast collection of strontium titanate jewelry now!


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The Fire of Strontium Titanate

Strontium titanate is made by combining two metals: titanium and strontium. Known for its intense fire (or dispersion) when light hits the gemstone, strontium titanate is admired for its playful amalgamation of colors wherever light is present. Casting a vibrant hue of sparkles and light, the strontium titanate is believed to bring joy, happiness, and creativity to those who wear it.

Affordable Strontium Titanate Jewels

Aside from its impressive fire displays of color, strontium titanate is revered for its diamond-like qualities but at a much more affordable price tag. Your collection will sparkle with an additional piece of this jewelry that won’t break the bank!

Find Your Perfect Piece at Shop LC

Looking for inspiration on how to wear titanate jewelry? This classic yet modern stone can be added to any outfit for a pop of luster and glint. Add a glimmering titanate pendant necklace to an existing stack for a layered look that looks magical for a night on the town. Style a subtle pair of earrings with a diamond necklace or a statement ring for a bold yet refined look.

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