Tanzanite Necklace - A Fashionable Choice

Perky and pretty, tanzanite necklaces steal the show! Shop LC presents a selection of tanzanite jewelry displaying classic patterns in a frame of sterling silver, yellow gold or white gold. Choose from a wide range of styles from beaded, multi strand, statement, or princess, and look your best with a tanzanite necklace!


    Buy Tanzanite Bead, Cross and White Gold Necklaces Online

    Tanzanite necklaces designed in white gold and platinum are worthy of the spotlight. The designs are undeniably beautiful and crafted to draw attention. Necklaces featuring a 'floating' solitaire tanzanite, along with shaped patterns are extremely popular amongst our Shop LC customers. We have a large array of unique and one-of-a-kind options for you to choose from.

    The traditional style tanzanite gemstone necklaces are something to treasure forever. These designs radiate a timeless essence and detailed intricacy. Then there are distinctively elaborate pieces, such as the cross necklace or bead necklace. We offer stunning natural tanzanite necklaces in a variety of metal and total carat weight options.

    At Shop LC, you can find a variety of simply stunning tanzanite necklaces that you can wear dressed up or down. With hues of blue, violet and lavender, gorgeous tanzanite is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Tanzanite necklaces will complement your collection and help you stand out in a crowd. When you wear tanzanite necklaces, the stones will capture the light to dazzle all who pass. Explore the selection of tanzanite necklaces for sale that include bead, cross, and blue gemstone necklaces, and more.

    Tanzanite Bead Necklaces

    Tanzanite classic bead necklaces are an excellent choice for someone who loves to add a classic touch to their personality and outfit. These stylish necklaces feature striking genuine gemstone beads and give a pop of that beautiful velvety dark blue and violet hue contrast. Coordinate tanzanite bead necklaces with any of your ensembles to add a touch of sophistication to your appearance.

    Tanzanite Cross Necklaces

    Everything about tanzanite cross necklaces make it a must-buy from its superior built to its comfortable fit. The cross necklace is beautifully decked with brilliant-cut tanzanite, looking no different than a piece of wearable art. A statement necklace like this makes a great pick to treat you or a loved one.

    Tanzanite While Gold Necklaces

    These white gold necklaces featuring tanzanite make an elegant and trendy style statement. A halo of glimmering multi gemstones highlights the luscious central gem. The beautiful color combination adds brilliance to this pendant to transform you into quite the showstopper.

    History of Tanzanite

    Tanzanite was a secret hidden under the earth, until the year 1967.

    Initially mistaken for a sapphire, this gemstone was later found to be a part of the zoisite family of minerals. A captivating bluish-violet hue is what makes this jewel so striking and unique. Today it is considered the second most sought-after blue gem in the world, after sapphire.

    This gem is named after Tanzania, the East African country where it is exclusively mined on Mount Kilomanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

    The story goes that lightning struck causing the grassland to start on fire which turned the brown zoisite crystals on the surface to blue. Maasai tribesmen found the gem now known as tanzanite. Credit is given to a local Indian tailor named Manuel de Sousa for the discovery of tanzanite.

    In the early 1970s Henry Platt, then President of Tiffany & Co., was shown blue zoisite. Feeling the name zoisite would not be appealing enough to women, he christened blue zoisite with the name tanzanite after the country of origin.

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