Why to buy topaz necklaces?

    Gem of the Ancient

    This magical gem has found its association with the island of 'Topazios,' also known as St. John's Island in the Red Sea. Despite the fact that old testimony had Holy Scriptures mentioning topaz stone, the true unearthing of topaz is ancient and without unquestionable dates or places. In 1737, Germany, the foremost modern-day topaz yellow crystals were located.

    Since ancient times, it is believed that topaz imparts influence, gentleness, wisdom and affection to its wearer. For early Egyptians topaz was the “Gem of the Sun” considering that the sun god "Ra," offered the gem its golden glow color.

    Online Options for Every Occasion

    A topaz necklace is an impressive and creative way to show your love for gemstones. Shop LC brings a stylish selection of topaz necklaces online.

    A designer gemstone necklace are one of the best pieces to own. Their trendy and universal look makes them perfect for specific occasions. Our necklaces set in sterling silver with blue topaz drops is an excellent choice to flaunt wherever.

    An essential necklace, the Y-shaped gemstone necklace is a savior. The elegant approach makes them an ideal complement for every look. These fabulous necklaces, set in gold or silver, framed with halo of sparkling zircon can give you a makeover for any occasion.

    Know Different Topaz Varieties

    A hard stone, topaz owns a brilliant color range. Shop LC offers a large assortment of jewelry in a variety of topaz colors.

    Yellow-Orange-Pink: Imperial Topaz and Mystic Twilight Topaz are sure to amaze with their extremely unique color. Brilliant glassy luster of Mystic Twilight Topaz demands attention while the unique color combination of Imperial Topaz simply defies comparison.

    White: Ouro Preto Diamond-cut topaz will surprise you with its diamond-like brilliance.

    Blue: Electric Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Marambaia Topaz, and Paraiba Topaz gemstones highlights our blue category. Displaying a distinct blue color, each topaz variety offers a unique flair.

    Red: Blazing Red Topaz is highly valued and the rarest variety to look for. Presenting a vibrant ruby red with vivid pink undertones.

    Multicolor: Incredibly stylish and fashionable, Northern Lights Mystic Topaz and Mercury Mystic Topaz gemstones are loved for their impressive and unique rainbow effect with vivid mesmerizing colors.

    Where to buy topaz necklaces online?

    Shop LC promises to deliver the finest quality of jewelry backed with the best prices. Buy cheap topaz necklaces with us and enjoy an excellent shopping experience!

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