Celebrate your May birthday with green birthstone jewelry! Emerald is the modern May birthstone. We appreciate this classic gem for its lush green hue. Colombia and Zambia are two of the biggest producers, but Brazil is a rising star to watch for.

    Did you know that for centuries it was considered lucky to wear birthstone jewelry? Even today, people still wear this green stone for a little extra luck! Emerald also symbolizes hope, intuition, and perception. In fact, many ancient thought emeralds could cure ailments of the eye! But where do you start when choosing emerald jewelry?

    May birthstone rings are an excellent place to start! Emerald solitaire rings, either in ovals or the traditional ‘emerald cut’ are great choices for beginning an emerald jewelry collection of your own. These green gems also work well when worn as clusters, and many designers utilize the green hue of this stone in creating verdant, leafy designs.

    If choosing for a loved one, an emerald birthstone necklace might be a better choice. A necklace is easy to fit, and most sizes are ready to wear. The regal appeal of this stone comes to the fore when wearing an emerald y-necklace. For a simpler look, a cluster pendant does the trick! These are great choice for gifting, as you can easily customize a look by using chains of different styles and length. No matter how you build your look, be sure to polish it off with a matching pair of emerald earrings!

    Get lost in a secret garden of emerald jewelry when shopping the selection, you’ll find at Shop LC.

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