Cantonese Blue Aragonite Gemstone

Cantonese Blue Aragonite is known for its alluring sky blue hues with marbling of shimmering white. Its unique crystal structure and soft color makes this a remarkable gemstone to own.


Cantonese Blue Aragonite is metamorphic gemstone. Aragonite can be found in stalactite cave formations, hot springs, mollusk shells and volcanic rock cavities. It is a polymorph of calcite, meaning they share the same chemical makeup, but have a different crystal structure.

Aragonite varieties can be opaque, translucent or transparent. This gem is available as white or colorless, violet, yellow, brown, and blue specimens. Cantonese Blue Aragonite is an opaque stone found in a gorgeous pale aqua or sky blue. This stone has a vitreous, or glass-like, luster. It possesses strong pleochroism, meaning that it appears different colors when viewed from different angles.



• The name aragonite comes from the Spanish province of Aragon where the stone was originally discovered in 1788.

• If heated to 400 degrees Celsius, aragonite will convert to calcite.

• Aragonite forms the basis of many other organic gems like pearl, coral and mother-of-pearl.

• Fossilized aragonite specimens have been a key factor in the preservation of shell fossils. Aragonite re-crystallizes creating a harder, more stable material that better preserves the shell.



Location: China

Aragonite has been found worldwide; Cantonese Blue Aragonite is sourced from a Cantonese-speaking region in southern China.




• Ranks 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs hardness scale.

• Color is a light marble of pale/sky blue, off white and deep aqua.

• Sourced from southern China.