Artisan Jewelry

As the name suggests, artisan jewelry is the custom-made jewelry crafted by skilled artists. This style involves designs and patterns inspired by the local and traditional customs and cultures of the artists. These pieces are either handcrafted or designed with traditional tools and techniques, displaying impeccable artwork. An insight of creativity and artistry, the artisan jewelry is popular since the longest time. Today when the number of advanced and automated techniques available for jewelry designing, the value and demand of artisan jewelry have increased due to its less availability and true artistic essence. The ornaments can include any jewelry type from rings, handcuffs, bracelets, necklaces and more. Each piece is unique and influenced by the creator’s design methodology and skill.

Almost every part of the world has its own style of artisan jewelry. The trained artisans of that region create jewelry according to the available resources and techniques, which also reflect the specialty of the regional artistry. The artisans experiment and create their own aster pieces, resulting in one-of-a kind jewelry.

Artisan jewelry

Types and Techniques

Artisan jewelry is created without mass machinery and production resources. This jewelry is generally labor intensive and takes a lot of time and effort of the craftsmen. The artisan jewelry can be on any of these types.

Metal Jewelry- This is the type of artisan jewelry which is created only with metal. Generally designed in semi-precious metals like silver, iron or copper, metal jewelry features the entire design made of metal and no other material is used.

Beads Work- You can find a versatile range of handcrafted beaded jewelry around the globe. Artisan jewelry crafted with beads is one of the most common styles. Beads can be made with almost any material like wood, plastic, glass or stone. The beaded jewelry is versatile, colorful and enchanting.

Leather Work- Leather has been used in jewelry making since ancient civilizations. Artists create braids, tassels, chords, strings and cut work with leather and use them in jewelry creation. The uniqueness of designing adds to its charm.

Wire Wrapped- Wire wrapping technique is an age-old method of creating jewelry. Craftsmen wrap and twist the metal in versatile forms making adorable rings, pendant, bangles and necklaces. Intricate weaving and wrapping of thick and thin wires display some excellent artwork.

Artisan jewelry

Why Should I Choose Artisan Jewelry?

Artisan jewelry involves tremendous effort, hard work and talent of local artists and craftsmen. Each piece has a meaning and unique story to tell. It is a window to the art and culture of the region. Artisan jewelry is unique, and no mass production takes place. This adds to its exclusivity. Each piece is designed with local products, materials, and people to help produce their creations. One of the most interesting facts is artisan jewelry is never out of fashion. It is beyond the competition and race of style. These are sustainable and long lasting.