Shop LC: Delivering Joy with Outstanding Rose De France Amethyst Jewelry

    Popular since the Victorian Era, Rose de France Amethyst is an incredible and delicate gemstone.

    Shop LC brings forth the comprehensive range of Rose de France amethyst rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces in various designs, style, metal, and finishes. From cocktail rings to gemstone studded bracelets, you’ll find everything! And it's backed by the Lowest price guarantee. 

    Found in Brazil, Rose de France Amethyst is also known as lavender amethyst. It has a soft color palette including hues such as light rose, lilac, lavender, and mauve. This beautiful gemstone displays a significant amount of pleochroism, which means additional tones of red and blue can appear when light passes through it.

    A renowned birthstone for the month of February and a traditional gift for 6th and 33rd anniversaries, this incredible gemstone will be a treasured gift for someone special, even if that someone is you! Explore the beautiful range of Rose de France amethyst jewelry that's sure to take your breath away.

    Rose de France amethyst jewelry is soothing to the eye and offers grandeur to any attire in the most magical way. Whether you're looking for a gorgeous ring or a pair of dangling earrings, Rose de France amethyst jewel is bound to become a prized possession. The enduring beauty of each piece brims with regal and majestic appeal that will give you the diva-like presence you deserve.

    Complement your ensembles with Shop LC’s broad range of Rose de France amethyst jewelry.

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