It’s traditional to celebrate birthdays with birthstone gifts. Diamond is the modern April birthstone. Most of us think of an icy white jewel as the ideal stone, but these April birthstones occur in a rainbow of vibrant color. Called fancy diamonds, they make excellent April birthstone jewelry!

    For many, a diamond represents wisdom, purity, and protection. The most famous gem stories are almost always about a diamond. But did you know that there’s an ancient belief that wearing a birthstone is lucky? Create your own lucky diamond story when choosing from these diamond gifts.

    Finding birthstone rings for April really isn’t that hard when it’s a diamond! From the romantic allure of a traditional diamond solitaire, to the creative bounty colored diamonds provide, it’s easy to tell your own tale with a diamond ring. With a diamond option in nearly every color of the rainbow, you can really mix and match your collection, or even stack your rings!

    Maybe you’re buying these April birthstones as a gift? In this case, consider a diamond birthstone necklace as your go-to choice. It’s simple, and here’s why. A diamond pendant necklace is a one-size-fits-all selection with a storied history. When we think of history’s greatest diamonds, they were almost always worn as pendants.

    When you’re giving a diamond pendant necklace, you’re giving a gift worn close to the heart. With a history of protection, it’s a gift that will inspire with its beauty and as a symbol of love. With a wide range of chains, upgrade your pendant with a range of options to suite style and mood.

    So, whether it’s a white diamond for eternal love, or a pink diamond as a fun, thoughtful gift, discover the captivating selection of April birthstone jewelry found at Shop LC.

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