April Birthstone Jewelry

Looking for birthstone gifts? Diamond is the modern April birthstone. We associate diamond with wisdom, purity, and protection.


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    People who are born in April are complimented by the universe as diamond being their birthstone. Diamond is one of the hardest minerals in the world. Apart from its magnificent appearance and luxurious appeal, the diamond represents itself as a symbol of love, beauty and infinity. People can wear the birthstone in ring, necklace, pendant, earrings or more and benefit with its amazing metaphysical attributes. Not only in the form of jewelry, the diamond has been a popular gemstone since ages. Wearing diamond help people in strengthening relationships, attaining courage, honesty and healing.

    The April birthstone, diamond, is also called as the love stone. Nothing can express your feelings better than a dazzling diamond ring. No matter what the occasion is, stunning diamond jewelry is the perfect gift for her or him. And if it’s the birthday of the significant one in your life, what can be a better gift than gorgeous diamond jewelry that will make her/his day unforgettable. Shop LC has an extensive collection of diamond rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces and more at unbelievable prices.

    Fancy Diamond Birthstone Jewelry

    Diamonds are integral part of celebrations all over the world. the exciting fact is that diamond does not only come in pure colorless appearance, but in various colorful versions. For that classic twist and added glamour, you can stock up your collection with ravishing blue, red, champagne, yellow, green, black and pink diamonds.

    Blue Diamond Jewelry- Displaying mesmerizing hues ranging from brilliant blues to crisp teals, blue diamonds are sensational. Naturally found with faint to deep saturation, blue diamonds can be enhanced with irradiation and high pressure and high-temperature treatment (HPHT) for fine color.

    Red Diamond Jewelry- Red is the color of passion, love and life. Rare to found naturally, red diamonds come with brownish hues and can be enhanced through processes for uniform color. Red diamond jewelry is the symbol of your luxury.

    Pink Diamond Jewelry- Pink diamonds represent the subtle feminine glamour, tenderness, beauty, timeless grace and magnetic charm. The natural diamonds with gentle rosy and soft pastel pink color are only mined at Argyle, Australia, their increasing rarity makes them even more collectible and pricy.

    Yellow Diamond Jewelry- Radiating sunny yellow color like sunshine, yellow diamonds stand for happiness and hope. Yellow diamond jewelry is in high vouge these days due to its unique appearance and beauty.

    Natural Champagne Diamond Jewelry- Exhibiting intense golden-brown color and evoking the charm of sparkling wine, natural champagne diamonds are great to wear in earrings, necklace or rings. A classic twist to contemporary diamonds, these fancy diamonds are popular for their charm.

    Black Diamond Jewelry- Those who love the mysterious black glamour, black diamond jewelry is there to satisfy your desire.

    Purple Diamond Jewelry- Purple is the color of royalty and aristocracy. Purple diamonds worn in ring, pendant, necklace or earrings lends you a touch of royal fashion. The diamond exhibits pleasant medium imperial purple hue.

    If you have a yearning for style and flair, our April birthstone jewelry collection is made just for you. Browse through Shop LC and we bet our exotic fancy diamond birthstone jewelry collection will impress you in first sight.

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    Shop LC touches your lives with love and promises to fill them with joy. Our exciting collection of birthstone diamond rings, earrings, pendants necklaces and more satisfy your hunger for classic and ageless pieces. Available at guaranteed low price, we ensure you to provide the best shopping experience. Browse through our April birthstone jewelry to select the pieces that suit you and your unique personality the best.

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