Jewelry Clasps by Shop LC

    Clasps are an important part of jewelry making. They not only keep jewelry secure, but also offer a finishing touch to the overall jewelry design. Some stay hidden, while other acts as a key element to the design. That's why Shop LC's brings an extensive collection of clasps to complement your DIY jewelry designs with both functionality and style.

    Why buy jewelry clasps?

    A jewelry clasp is one of the most underappreciated components of any jewelry piece. Also known as a fastener, clasps allows a necklace, bracelet or chain to be put on and taken off without damaging the piece. It can be used as a complementary closure on a jewelry item or even as a main focal point.

    Jewelry clasps adds an artisan look to nearly every necklace and bracelet design. Available in many sizes and shaped, clasps make connecting a chain or bracelet easier. That's why, Shop LC offers a wide variety of clasps in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and sterling silver finishes.

    A Clasp for DIY Project

    A clasp not only secures the jewelry piece but also offers attractive look and functionality to it. If a jewelry clasp is not secure, you might end up losing the piece. At Shop LC, we offer an extensive selection of clasps to ensure you can create the very best designs. Our Gem Workshop DIY Collection of clasps includes:

    Toggle Clasp: This two piece fastener serves as a center piece of jewelry design.

    Lobster Clasp: Easy to use, this clasp is named after the unique style of the hook.

    Hook Clasp: This curved clasp uses easy hook-on and hook-off motion.

    Magnetic Clasp: This type of clasp uses magnet to hold both the ends of jewelry piece together.

    What is the cost of clasps?

    At Shop LC, we offer you a wide range of clasps, backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee. We guarantee you'll always pay the lowest price. So, explore Shop LC's exclusive selection of clasp sets and get the right piece to finish your jewelry design.

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