Add a flair of style to your look with classy cuff bracelets. Available in gold, silver and platinum, you can choose cuff bracelets with gorgeous gemstones and designs to suit your style. Shop LC is Delivering Joy, so select a unique arm cuff or pick several, and you are sure to create a lasting style statement!

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What is Cuff Bracelet?

The bracelets that are open at ends are known as cuff bracelet. These types of bracelets do not have closure or clasp and rest on the lower wrist with easy movement. An exciting twist to regular bracelets, cuff bracelets generally fit on all wrist sizes and are adjustable.

Why Should I Buy Cuff Bracelets?

Every ensemble deserves stunning punctuation to augment the look, and cuff bracelets are perfect for taking any outfit to the next level! The wrist accessory embedded with a colorful aura of gemstones, delicate metal detailing, glass accents, enameling and more can modernize any outfit. With our vast range of designer cuff bracelets, you’re sure to discover the perfect piece for you.

Types of Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets that are embellished with dazzling appeal and sparkling aura of gemstones come under this category.

Animal Pattern Cuff: These bracelets are crafted with an inspiration from animal shapes and motifs. Cuff bracelets designed on animal pattern symbolize meaning as dolphin stands for intellect and power, butterfly depicts freedom, transition and beauty. Dragon is the symbol of courage and power and turtle denotes longevity.

Engraved Cuff: A contemporary twist to traditional designs, engraved cuff bracelets are created with personalized messages. Engraved with love notes, names or quotes, the bracelets can be customized.

Artisan Crafted Cuff: Exhibiting true craftsmanship and brilliant artistry, artisan crafted cuff bracelets are hand created by skilled artisans.

Bypass Cuff: Bypass cuff bracelets symbolize the union of two souls. Instead of a continuous bracelet, its ends overlap each other. These are great pieces to gift your partner and express your feelings. Also representing individuality and fluidity, bypass cuff bracelets are timeless trends.

Chevron Pattern Cuff: Cuff bracelets designed with herringbone pattern or symmetric zigzag strips are chevron pattern cuff. These are perfect for everyday wear for a fashionable and chic appeal.

Leather Cuff: This category includes cuff bracelets that are made with leather. Uniquely styled with a sturdy look, leather cuff bracelets are generally worn by men.

Accessorize Your Look with Cuff Bracelets

Because brilliant accessories are never out of style, Shop LC brings an assorted collection of wide cuff bracelets, sleek sterling silver cuff bracelets, minimalist open work and embellished with gemstones like garnet, sapphire, opal and turquoise cuff bracelets.

A popular option for costumes, fancy events or even simply to cover wrist tattoos, arm cuffs can be worn inside and outside the workplace for a bold fashion statement. So, if you are looking for the right piece of cuff bracelet to match your style, you are at the right place.

Whether you’re looking for a boho-vintage-inspired feel or something more geometric and modern, the bracelets in our collection are designed with attention to on-trend styles that add sparkle and luster to your everyday wardrobe.

Be sure to check out our wide selection of fashion jewelry to pair with your new bracelets including earrings, necklaces, rings and more.

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