Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The emerald-cut diamond goes back many centuries and is one of the most timeless engagement ring settings you can put on your significant other’s finger. An emerald cut ring offers symmetrical, clean lines and a vintage style that leans away from modern trends for a more classic look. The center stone is rectangular in shape and will dazzle anyone in its line of sight. Giving an air of elegance and glamour that every woman deserves, emerald-cut diamonds are a wise choice for the woman in your life.


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Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings at Shop LC

The biggest moment of your life so far demands the perfect ring, and if your partner wants an emerald-cut engagement ring, you can rest assured that Shop LC will provide the best that money can buy. You’ll also need to select the engagement ring setting, which can include solitaire, halo, or vintage-inspired rings.

Though your partner will be pairing the engagement ring with a wedding band, this is not a cause for concern since emerald-cut engagement rings can pair well with various band styles and side stones. These special rings can accommodate a wide range of personal aesthetics your partner may have.

A Flawless Art Deco Design

Emerald-cut rings gained major popularity during the Art De period in the 1920s, and this style has remained a sophisticated choice for many women who prefer vintage jewelry over more modern designs. Investing in an emerald-cut diamond will certainly please your future bride and will turn heads every time she walks into the room!

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