What are jewelry findings?

    If you are entering in the world of jewelry-making, you may be thinking what jewelry findings are and how they are used. Also known as jewelry components or jewelry parts, jewelry findings are different pieces of jewelry that completes a jewelry design.

    They are usually available in distinct metals and finishes such sterling silver, goldtone, rosetone, black oxidized, tritone and dualtone.

    Now you may think why these little parts are called findings? Well, looking back into the history, jewelers were trained to make every single piece of jewelry by hand. In those days, jewelers would create findings from the leftovers of metals and gradually, these spare components became famous as findings.

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    Types of jewelry findings?

    • Bails - This finding is simply used to attach a focal bead or other component to a chain to create a pendant.
    • Bead Caps - Bead cap finding is very handy for assisting to dress up your beads. Add a decorative detail or cover imperfections, these findings can convert a plain piece into a focal point.
    • Chains - Available in a variety of patterns, these chains are perfect to add perfection to any necklace, bracelet or anklet.
    • Clasps - Clasps are essential to complete a necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings. Available in many distinct shapes and styles, these findings add a classic finishing touch to your project.
    • Earwires - For completing your pair of earrings, earwires are a must-have finding. You can work these with beadwork, beads, metal components and more.
    • Head and Eye Pins - Used with beads, head and eye pins are used to make parts for bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more.
    • Jump Rings - Used as the connectors in jewelry making, jump rings are commonly shaped as round. These are also available in oval shape.
    • Links and Connectors - Links and connectors are used to connect jewelry components together. Available in variety of styles and shapes.
    • Cord and Ribbon Ends - A cord or a ribbon end is perfect to avoid any knots on your jewelry. Found in round, barrel and flat shapes.
    • Other Findings - Crimp beads, wire protectors, crimp covers, and chain tabs falls under this category.

    How to use jewelry findings?

    Shop LC’s Education Center has a collection of tutorial videos and content, that’ll help you discover the right way of using each and every finding!