Know More About Garnet Earrings

    Earrings are one of the oldest forms of body jewelry known. With the different styles that have evolved, these beauties lend a distinct look for every occasion. Let’s look at some of the reasons why garnet earrings should become a part of your jewelry collection.

    Garnet is a Birthstone: Garnet is the birthstone for January. Attributed with properties that bring health and prosperity, it is said to aid in safe travelling. The gem is also considered a traditional gift for second wedding anniversaries.

    Variety: Garnet is one of the oldest gems. Available in almost all colors except blue, this gemstone is most popular for its deep, warm red hue. You can pick your favorite color from the exhilarating range of varieties presented by Shop LC.

    • Red: Mozambique, Anthill, and Orissa rhodolite garnet. These represent the classic deep red tones associated with garnet.
    • Pink and Purple:Mahenge umbalite and purple garnet. For those fond of subtle burgundy hues or tinges of crimson with blue.
    • Green: Ambanja demantoid, Karo tsavorite and mint garnet. Lending any apparel a rejuvenated look, these rare varieties of garnet create a magical appeal.
    • Orange: Ratnapura hessonite and spessartine garnet offer a sizzling exuberance.
    • Color-Change: Madagascar and Merelani color change garnets. These amazing beauties offers an earthy palette and display a color change under different light sources or when viewed from different angles.

    Are Garnet Earrings Worth it?

    With an enticing array of colors combined by the trendy styles of earrings, garnet stone earrings are wardrobe must-haves. The lush classic red of Mozambique garnet, the color play of Merelani color change garnet or the diamond-like fire of Ambanja demantoid are sure to make you the center of attention.

    Tips for Wearing Garnet earrings:

    For work: Look polished for work or important client meetings with garnet stud earrings. Opt for classy red hues, purple garnet, or a color change variety to carry your elegance from work hours to after-hours.

    For casual chic attire: For semi-formal or daytime occasions select garnet earrings in sterling silver or white gold. Bright green hues of tsavorite garnet drop earrings or spessarite garnet lever-back earrings would present a distinct look.

    For dinner dates: Rose or yellow gold garnet earrings are sure to lend extra warmth, elegance and romance. Lush reds or enticing pinks and purples are to win you attention.

    For formal occasions: Depending on the needs of the occasion and mood, choose from an assortments of cluster, dangle or even chandelier garnet earrings that are bound to keep you in the limelight.

    Backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee, you can make these enthralling beauties a part of your collection at amazing prices!

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