A Variety of Garnet Rings Up For Grabs at Shop LC

    Shop LC’s garnet rings are your ticket to stardom. Choose from an array of innovatively designed garnet rings for women and create winning looks for any occasion in style.

    What Makes Our Garnet Rings So Popular?

    Wide Selection: Our garnet rings include many popular garnet varieties like:

    • Mozambique Garnet: Deep red in color, Mozambique garnet displays ruby like hues. There is no other color that can breathe life into simplest of outfits like Mozambique garnet.
    • Rhodolite Garnet: A hundred percent natural stone, rhodolite garnet is renowned for its rose red to raspberry red, and purplish-red to purplish-pink hues that can only be compared to rubelite tourmaline.
    • Viceroy Spessartite: The gemstone is named after the Viceroy Monarch butterfly for its vivid orange hue. Sourced from Nigeria, the Viceroy spessartite is a lively upbeat addition to gem collections.
    • Demantoid Garnet: It is the green variety of garnet and has now come to be known as green garnet. It is the incomparable brilliance and fire that sets demantoid garnet apart.
    • Anthill Garnet:Anthill Garnet is collected around anthills found in the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. Uniquely mined with the aid of ants, this garnet variety possesses a coveted deep red color.
    • Purple Garnet: With a soft grape color that rivals the finest amethyst, purple garnet is a delectable addition to any collection.
    • Tsavorite Garnet: Renowned as the “king of garnets” tsavorite garnet comes in an amazing green that ranges from fresh spring-green to deep forest-green. It is one of the world's most popular and beloved gemstones with limited availability.
    • Merelani Color Change Garnet: Rare among all gemstones, Merelani color change stone displays a transition of color. In the daylight the gemstone exhibits warm champagne hues, while beneath incandescent light its colors shift to a pleasant purple.

    We also make our jewelry available in a variety of settings like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel. The setting of the gemstone in different metals gives it distinctive lure that is always noticeable. It also gives you an option to go for the settings you like the most.

    Lowest Price Guarantee: Our network of vendors ensure that we are never short of best quality garnet. This helps us in providing garnet rings at the Lowest Price Guarantee.

    We also run online auctions for garnet jewelry that start at $ 1. There are no fees charged from the participants. This gives jewelry enthusiasts a wonderful opportunity to fulfill their desire at prices they never thought possible.

    Innovative Designs: Our skilled artisans excel in cutting the gemstones in different shapes and sizes. This allows us to produce jewelry in a variety of designs. Some of the popular cuts available with us are:

    • Round
    • Pear
    • Trillion
    • Cushion
    • Oval
    • Octagon
    • Square
    • Baguette
    • Marquise
    • Princess

    Our expertly cut and innovatively designed garnet rings are suave, classy, stylish, and perfect for accessorizing.

    Perfect for Any Occasion: Exuding style and spunk, our garnet rings bring fashionable and funky elements to your ensembles. These complement other jewelry beautifully and give you a glammed up, ravishing presence. The gemstone blends perfectly with every color and gives you a wonderful option for mixing and matching accessories.

    Garnet As Birthstone:January babies have garnet as their birthstone. For time immemorial garnet has been adored for its rich color. Though mostly found in red, garnets are available in a rich palette of colors that include:

    • Green
    • Pink
    • Purplish red
    • Orange

    If your birthday falls in January then garnet rings are the best gift you can give yourself on this most important day of your life.

    There is a plethora of garnet rings available at Shop LC in amazing designs. Browse through the pieces on offer and go for those that allure you the most.

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