Having the right innerwear is the most essential part of looking and feeling good. When it comes to lingerie, it can either be a practical wear or a glamorous one. Discover the different types of intimates with Shop LC for all your fashion needs.


    Every woman desires a sleek and shapely silhouette that complements all her favorite outfits. For those who aren’t blessed with a toned body or are just a few pounds shy from achieving one, shapewear offers the perfect solution. With a variety of shapewear vests, leggings, briefs and camisoles you can grant your curves smooth contours, temporarily hide your muffin top or any unnecessary bulges you want to minimize while enjoying an overall slimming effect that boosts confidence.


    The need for the right size of bra cannot be underestimated. With the right size comes the choice of the right style that suits your outfits best. From t-shirt bras for your staple tops and tees to push-up bras for an extra boost to your evening outfit the varieties seem endless.

    The type of skirt, pant or dress you are wearing each day should dictate the type of panty you wear. Every underwear has its own functionality. Cotton briefs are comfortable and irritation-free; often the best pick for daily wear. If you are looking for fancier undergarments, you can opt for a pair of seamless lace thongs or bikini bottoms.


    Stockings are a great way to give your outfit a formal touch while covering up your legs. A pair of black stockings is one thing that every trendy girl should own. Women’s stockings or panty hose stockings can be teamed up with short skirt or hot pants. Bored of just black or nude stockings? Buy ones that are grey, red, blue, purple or even green!

    Get yourself a pair of smart compression socks. These help energize tired achy legs and reduce swelling. Wear the socks for your workouts, flights and travels, long days on your feet or extended periods of sitting at the office.

    The job of your innerwear is to provide comfort, support and style. Add these fresh additions of fashionable essentials to your wardrobe from the selection of cheap women’s intimates from Shop LC.

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