Pearl is first among the traditional birthstones for June. Alternate birthstones for this month include moonstone and alexandrite. Pearl is an organic gemstone, being cultured from Freshwater, Tahitian, Akoya, or South Sea stock. Each provides unique color opportunities, ranging from natural whites, creams, and pinks all the way through golden and black hues. Cultured Freshwater Pearls are frequently dyed to create playful colors not otherwise seen in nature and provide some of the most affordable pearl jewelry available today.

    Pearl is one of the oldest traditional birthstones, and represents classic notions of loyalty, purity, and faith. Long associated with royalty, pearl was once only reserved for their use. Old tales tell us that Cleopatra would demonstrate her wealth by serving elite guests’ wine with ground pearls. Folklore mentions that wearing your birthstone also brings luck.

    One of the best ways of embracing this tradition is by wearing pearl jewelry. A classic way to do so is through pearl jewelry sets. Almost always, these will include a strand of matched pearls and a pair of pearl earrings to complete the look. When you want a polished, elevated look, try using pearl.

    Perhaps you want alternate birthstones in your June birthstone ring? Alexandrite is a top choice here. The rarity of the stone and its unique color change property provides an experience like no other. Imagine a cluster ring featuring alexandrite gems subtly shifting color from ruby to emerald-like hues. It’s a conversation starter, so be prepared!

    When looking for a June birthstone necklace, why not try moonstone? We treasure this lunar jewel for its adularescence. That’s the shimmering shift of color you see when turning moonstone over your fingers while admiring its beauty. Moonstone accents a neckline beautifully in a line necklace, while the movement of your body invites its mysterious shifting color out to play.

    Whether you prefer traditional birthstones like pearl or alternate birthstones like alexandrite and moonstone, let them capture your imagination with their special color changing qualities. Find them all at Shop LC.

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