Delivering Joy with Shop LC’s Outstanding African Malachite Jewelry Collection

    Stun everyone by accessorizing yourself with African malachite jewelry. Famous for its vivid green color, this one-of-a-kind stone ranks as one of the most important mineral discoveries in history. This sought-after gemstone has been used by various ancient cultures and for constructing prominent structures.

    Found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa, this immensely beautiful stone is renowned for its intense green color mottled with striations of light green to dark green and black. African malachite is a semi-transparent, dense and magical gemstone with a silky luster. This gem is found both in its natural form, polished on one side or as a tumbled stone.

    African malachite stone can easily be distinguished from other similar gemstones such as jade, emerald, and azurite due to its distinctive green color and banding.

    The African malachite stone is believed to increase one’s concentration and psychic vision. It was worn to defend against the “evil eye” and to ward off undesired energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and the body. It is also believed to be a powerful stone for manifesting wealth and prosperity to the wearer.

    Whether as a souvenir for yourself or that someone special in your life, choose from an extensive range of African malachite rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants in striking designs, shapes, and settings. You can select by your favorite metals, such as rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum! African malachite jewelry is soothing to the eyes and offers grandeur to any ensemble in the most magical way.

    African malachite is a traditional gift for a 13th anniversary. Explore the beautiful range of Shop LC’s African malachite jewelry, that’s sure to take your breath away! All you need to do is to pick malachite jewelry that complements the wearer and suits the occasion, and you’ll gift them memories that’ll last forever!

    Compliment your ensembles with Shop LC’s African malachite jewelry and get ready to astound the crowd with its captivating beauty.

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