Are you ready for a new source of wardrobe staples where comfort and coverage are key? Marigold + Lotus is here for you! Discover the timeless looks that are available.

    It’s easy to develop your favorite signature silhouettes by pairing these essentials with what you already have in your closet. These essentials include the basic A-line dress, cardigans, tanks, soft flowing pants, leggings, flouncy skirts, and knit tunics.

    Stay looking classic with flair when choosing Marigold + Lotus. It’s perfect for when you’re always on the run – whether it’s errands, volunteering, or spending weekends with the family.

    Dependable solid colors offer everyday options, and fun limited prints will keep you coming back. Fabrics are breathable and drape well to keep you cool. Robust construct ensures that your garment will last.

    Select your timeless wardrobe options from Marigold + Lotus when comfort and versatility are key.

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