Did you know that there are birthstones for every month? The October birthstones include opal and pink tourmaline. We treasure opal for its fascinating play-of-color, and some of the finest material comes from Ethiopia. Pink tourmaline is known for its vibrant and intense color.

    For centuries, opal has been considered a lucky stone. By showing hues across the spectrum with its play-of-color, enthusiasts say it provides the benefits of all colored stones. Today, opal jewelry is surrounding by an air of mystery, omen, and magic.

    Did you know that wearing your birthstone is considered lucky? If you’re ready to indulge this centuries old tradition, why not start with some October birthstone rings? An opal solitaire ring, or even one set with a halo of gems is a great way to start your own collection.

    For those wanting something a little different, consider an elegant October birthstone necklace. Pink tourmaline is an excellent choice here, as an elegant pendant necklace captures curious glances and envious stares with its mysterious and vibrant color.

    Are you ready to explore the full range of your October birthstones? View the selection of opal jewelry at Shop LC.

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