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    Why to Buy Pearl Rings?

    An Ancient Gem

    The pearl discovery dates to before recorded history. It’s commonly believed that this gem was found by men while looking for food while harvesting mollusks.

    During the early Roman era, the pearl acquired a stature of prosperity and richness. Julius Caesar passed a law that limited the use of pearl jewelry to the upper level of the society. Whereas in China, the gem was considered the perfect gift choice for the Chinese royalty.

    The history of pearl is a package of myths and legends backed by its remarkably long and exciting journey. Through the ages, pearl was seen as a symbol of purity. So, adding a pearl ring is a best way to bring this sought-after gem home!

    Occasions for Pearl Rings

    Enveloped in a shimmering orient, this classically trendy gemstone is a great choice to complement your look for any occasion. Day or night, pearl has the charisma for transforming its presence to go along with your look.

    A chic, open floral pearl ring with your little black dress will offer you the refined elegance for an evening party, or transform your casual look for a lunch date with someone special by adding a solitaire pearl ring.

    Cluster rings complemented with accent gemstones makes an excellent choice for portraying your glamorous side for any occasion. On the other hand, breaking the traditional approach, a black pearl ring adds dazzle to your look for formal occasions.

    Popular Pearl Varieties

    • Akoya Pearl - Known for the reliably white to cream body color, they measure anywhere from 2mm to 11mm across. Sourced from Japan.
    • Tahitian Pearl – Possessing a sultry black tone, these rare pearls are appreciated around the word. Sourced from Tahiti.
    • South Sea Pearl– The rarest and the largest cultured pearls, the color appears in a range of pure white, buttery cream and gleaming silver. Sourced from Indian and Pacific Oceans.
    • Freshwater Pearl – Available in free-form shapes and a range of colors from cream to peach, these pearls offer the best variety.
    • Edison Pearl – Specially cultured over several years, these pearls mirrors the beauty of South Sea pearls and are available at a fraction of price.

    Where to Buy Pearl Rings Online?

    Like diamond, classic pearls are a girl’s best friend. Their appeal is lasting, and a pearl ring crosses all the boundaries of fashion. Being the most appreciated jewelry style, the beauty of this gem complements everything.

    Pearl is not a sheer ornament, however its gorgeous color symbolizes freshness and elegance. If you love pearl and have a desire to embellish your finger with this gemstone, our selection of pearl rings for women is the best way to go. Each piece offers a unique testimony of elegance and the perfect dose of chic style.

    Shop LC presents a selection of beautiful and modern pearl rings designed for the women of today and tomorrow. Artistically modeled in a frame of silver, yellow gold or rose gold, the jewelry makes a great birthstone gift for June. Available in a range of designs from cluster to solitaires, buy a unique pearl ring as you embark on your own fashion journey!

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