Rachel Galley Jewelry Collection at Shop LC

    Known for their unique and timeless jewelry designs, Rachel Galley designer jewelry portrays the beauty of nature.

    Shop LC brings forth the perfect selection of Rachel Galley designs in a variety of options such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more! Whether you pick a piece from Cascade, Ocean, Wave, Disc, Allegro, Shimmer or the Pebble range, each piece owns a different inspiration and essence.

    The Ocean Collection represents her signature latticework pieces, combined with a spellbinding new texture reflecting the movement and light of the soothing ocean. Meanwhile, the Disc collection captures her signature work in tactile and pacifying discs. Choose from wearable drops or studs, or even contemporary necklaces; you’ll easily win an eye-catching look.

    Cascade jewelry pieces are designed with a blend of high polished leaves with latticework leaves, lending a light and happy feel to the pieces, which are stylish and very feminine. Contrastingly, Pebble jewelry is full of elegant and calming styles; it’ll quickly become a firm favorite in your treasure trove.

    The spectacular Allegro collection representing the “spirit of free movement” and is one of Rachel’ most famous designs. Tiny silver balls, hidden and running within some of these pieces provides a striking appeal combined with a lively spirit. Full of sophisticated and gorgeous pieces, you’ll cherish wearing them every day. Bring soothing movements to your style with jewelry designs from the Wave collection.

    Wonderfully charming and enticing, every piece of jewelry from this exclusive collection brings a refreshing flair that’s perfect to transform your look. Shop LC is your one-stop shop to grab your favorite jewelry!