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    "What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." —Miuccia Prada

    When we talk about fashion, it is almost impossible that we miss out on this trendsetter fashion icon Rebecca Minkoff; Cofounder and Creative Director of her namesake company. Rebecca Minkoff is a global fashion brand that has its retail stores in New York, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Korea. This iconic brand comprises an array of apparel such as handbags, accessories, footwear, and jewelry. The revolutionary collection launched her career as a handbag designer. The name she introduced this collection under was the "Morning After Bag", a.k.a the "M.A.B."

    Rebecca Minkoff - A visionary

    Stepping into the world of fashion has never been easy. Rebecca Minkoff is a millennial designer who has laid out an excellent relationship management strategy to build a rapport with her customers and media influencers. She has become the face of her brand with her outstanding social media engagement. Her Instagram page is full of stimulating motivational posts and her phenomenal collection of designer products that are here to stay! Rebecca Minkoff is a revolutionary in the realm of fashion designing who is very thoughtful of women's development in this society. Each and every individual who gets associated with her is bound to feel special. They feel like kinfolk of the #superwoman world. The idea behind this is to motivate people around the world to live a bold, fearless life. Rebecca Minkoff as a brand is all about crafting distinctive yet fashionable products for its customers. This brand goes hand in hand with every emerging fashion update and creates incredibly fashionable accessories and jewelry. Rebecca Minkoff's Instagram says, "West meets east for an easy boho rock vibe." This statement speaks in bulk about the ideology of fusing cultures to create fashion with a boho-chic vibe. Such is the essence of the brand Rebecca Minkoff. Through Rebecca Minkoff's social media engagement, courageous women leaders are introduced to share their inspirational stories to think and do outside the box. The holistic view behind being such a visionary is to create a tribe of smart and ambitious women. This is what Rebecca Minkoff stands for.

    Trendsetting jewelry by Rebecca Minkoff

    Shop L.C. has joined hands with this brand and presents charming and subtle designs of jewelry items that are going to sweep you off your feet! They are designed to create different symbols and motifs, giving these accessories a thematic vibe. Star-shaped earrings, drop earrings, stylish hoops, and studs, floral cut earrings give a very peppy vibe to these Rebecca Minkoff earrings. The necklaces are available in various styles like single-layered necklaces, dual-layered chain necklaces that are suitable for western wear and ethnic wear, pendant necklaces, or beaded necklaces to create a dazzling appearance. When we talk about Rebecca Minkoff bracelets, these babies sell themselves. Intricately designed delicate bracelets are very minimal in their appeal and make for a fabulous accessory when mixed and matched with complementary watches. This kind of styling with these bracelets looks perfect on any occasion. This gorgeous assortment of Rebecca Minkoff comprises voguish earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Crafted meticulously by the designers, these accessories are making their way to everyone's closet, be it celebrities or their fans. These trendsetting designs are the perfect choice for modern-day women. They are designed with rose gold, white gold, gold, silver, and other such precious metals. These polished base metals are lustrous and create a sophisticated appearance. The shimmery stones embedded on these jewelry pieces sparkle like stars!

    Rebecca Minkoff collection for him & her

    Rebecca Minkoff is not just subjected to women's apparels and accessories; it also has a remarkable collection of men's accessories under the label, Uri Minkoff. In 2017, a collection of watches under the title 'Rebecca Minkoff Watches.' Uri Minkoff, who is Rebecca Minkoff's brother, introduced its distinctive line of menswear timepieces.

    Rebecca Minkoff collection at Shop LC

    So ladies and gentlemen, don't wait any further. Take a sneak peek into this exclusive collection of Rebecca Minkoff jewelry pieces, which are here to cast a spell on you. This thoughtfully designed collection is thoughtfully brought into existence to let women and men of all age groups pick their style of jewelry as per their preferences. Sleek and minimal designs are perfect for office goers and teenage girls. Little bling of gemstones and metals are put together to create magic in the form of Rebecca Minkoff accessories. Shop LC welcomes this phenomenal assortment by Rebecca Minkoff. We are very certain that these jewelry pieces will let you flaunt your style game wherever you go.

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