Are blue sapphire pendant worth it?

    The Heart Connection: Diamond is mostly referred to as a women's best friend, but fabulous blue sapphire has emerged as the popular gemstone in matters of the heart. There are many celebrities who have begun using these stones. Prince Charles presented it to Lady Diana as an engagement ring. Years later it was presented to Kate by Prince William on their engagement. This clearly shows that blue sapphire has not lost any of its popularity and enjoys a great fan following even today.

    Glamorous and Glitzy: Our blue sapphire pendants bring style to fore while giving you a fabulous and feisty look. Our collection also includes hard to find blue sapphire pendants that display star like-spectacle that is popularly known as asterism. Blue is one color that transitions very well between seasons and sapphire pendants offer a wonderful option for your signature jewelry piece.

    Blue sapphire will fascinate all those who love pure blue hues. If you are a fan of other blue gemstones like kyanite and AAA tanzanite then your collection is incomplete till you lay your hands on the gorgeous blue sapphire pendants.

    Can blue sapphire be worn as a pendant?

    A Gift for Someone You Love:Blue sapphire jewelry, particularly blue sapphire pendants is a wonderful gift to those closest to you. If any of your loved one's birthday falls in September then you can make her birthday special by gifting her a sapphire pendant.

     Fascinating Gem Lore: The gemstone's dark blue hue is often associated with depth, expertise, and stability and is believed to symbolize trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

     Perfect Hardness:Sapphire is a tough gemstone and is rated nine on Mohs scale of hardness. This makes it ideal for all types of jewelry as there is not much risk of damage.

    Where do I buy blue sapphire pendants online?

    Shop LC offers sapphire pendants in several attractive designs such as heart, halo and cross that are perfect for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. Set in gorgeous frames of sterling silver, yellow gold or white gold, the selection is backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee. You can find your favorite design with a range of blue sapphire like Kanchanaburi, Ceylon, light blue, dark blue and more. Online auction is another great way to browse through the pieces and win those you like most.

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