Meaning of Sapphire:

    The word sapphire finds its roots in the Latin word 'sapphirus' or the Greek word 'sappheiros' that translates to 'blue stone'. A member of the corundum family, sapphire comes in a rainbow of hues but the most coveted is the marvelous deep blue.

    Sapphire has always been associated with wisdom and nobility, it-s said to bring its wearer calm nerves and mental clarity. In ancient times, this majestic blue gem was said to protect against any harm or ill-wishes.

    Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring:

    A certain royal proposal made sapphire engagement rings a huge rage. Spelling a regal sophistication, rings set with blue sapphire and diamonds in halo style or dainty and minimalistic blue sapphire solitaire rings are popular choices while popping the question. Be it set in silver or gold, blue sapphire signifies love, fidelity and commitment.

    Types of Blue Sapphire:

    When thinking of buying a blue sapphire ring online, consider the marvelous kinds of majestic gems available at Shop LC. Varying from light to dark blue and sourced from different pockets of earth, these blue sapphires make for rings that assure attention.

    Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire: This variety of sapphire presents a heavy saturation of inky navy. These premier sapphire stones are sourced from the serene provinces of Kanchanaburi that lie in the jungles of western Thailand.

    Ceylon Blue Sapphire: The rich cornflower hue of Ceylon blue sapphire continues to captivate, both old and new. Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka, is one of the leading gem producing countries in the world, known for the quality of its moonstone and sapphire.

    Thai Blue Star Sapphire: The Thai blue star sapphire is a variety of sapphire that displays a six-pointed star pattern radiating from the inky depths of the stone. The phenomenon is known as asterism. Sourced from Kanchanaburi mines of Thailand.

    Masoala Sapphire: Masoala sapphires undergo fissure filling treatments which help the gem put its best foot forward. Sourced from Madagascar, Masoala sapphire offers a royal blue hue.

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