Why Buy Pink Sapphire Pendants?

    Rarity: Pink sapphire is the rarest variety of sapphire and owes its blushing hues to presence of chromium. This mesmerizing gem offers a fascinating array of pink shades ranging from warm and subtle like baby pink to eye-popping like magenta-like or tinged with violet that comes from traces of titanium.

    Birthstone and Traditional Wedding Anniversary gift: Like the popular blue variety pink sapphire is also a birthstone and makes for a fascinating gift for September babies. Sapphire is considered the traditional gift for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries and pink sapphires make for a lovely and contemporary alternate to the classy blue sapphire.

    Versatile color: Pink is a color that lends well to every color of the spectrum and transcends any age barrier. While lighter or warmer hues can be paired with neutrals, navy blues and blacks, the deeper hues lovingly complement light-color apparels.

    Easy to Style: With Shop LC, you can pick your favorite shade of pink sapphire and style any attire effortlessly. Choose from the classy designs of circle, cross or flower set in sterling silver or white gold and become a style icon at work. For a more glamorous appeal at social occasions opt for a large pink sapphire that is sure to make a statement and set you apart from the crowd.

    Perfect Gift Option: Select a sweet pink sapphire heart pendant set in rose gold for special someone and rekindle the romance. Possessing a hue synonymous with feminine elegance, a pink sapphire pendant makes for a great gift option to the leading ladies of your life. Be it your daughter’s graduation or Christmas present for your mom. A pink sapphire pendant never fails to impress.

    So surprise your loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries or just pamper them no matter the occasion with elegant and astounding pink sapphire pendants from Shop LC. With our Lowest Price Guarantee, pay lowest prices for these lovely beauties. For even more savings head to our online auctions that start at just $1!