Among your options for birthstone gems, sapphire is one of the most versatile choices! Even though well all know true blue standby of blue sapphire, fewer realize that there is actually a whole spectrum of color choice! Known as fancy sapphire, these options include nearly every hue under the sun, except for red, which is only for ruby, the sister stone to sapphire.

    Sapphire enjoys a long reputation with both royalty and religion. It has been considered a stone of the heavens for its traditional blue color. Sapphire jewelry can mean many things, but for many it represents faith, friendship, and wisdom.

    Many consider wearing birthstone gems to be lucky. Wearing September birthstone jewelry is a great way to embrace this custom. But where should you start? One of the best options would be a September birthstone necklace. Sapphire pendants are a really great choice. Try a simple solitaire pendant for starters, and slowly grow your collection by adding new fancy sapphire gems.

    Another great way of wearing this jewel is through September birthstone rings and earrings. Stud earrings are a workhorse staple in any jewelry box and are a great way to dive in if you haven’t collected gemstone earrings before. For an advanced and more experienced collector, you’ll want to graduate to sapphire drop or dangle earrings. They retain the colorful charm of stud earrings, but with the sophisticated styling this sapphire jewelry provides.

    Explore the full rainbow hues of sapphire jewelry as you explore the unique collection found only at Shop LC.

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